For Knitted / Delicate Fabrics

YAMUNA relax dryers are suitable for drying, relaxing and shrinking of dyed or bleached knitwear and delicate woven fabrics from cotton, synthetics or wool and its blends. Fabric is allowed to achieve shrinkage nearest to residual shrinkage value, bringing soft and voluminous feel.

  • Overfeeding arrangement is provided with a driven roller at the entry. Overfeeding up to 80% can be easily achieved. Fabric opening and centering device can be installed at the entry for open width fabric. For tubular fabrics, special guiding arrangement is provided to guide and feed the fabric in single end or side by side tubular ends. Fabric passes through two layers of wire meshes glass fibre conveyors. A large volume of hot air is circulated with the help of specially positioned well designed jets, with removable nozzles, such that the fingers of bottom nozzies comes in between the fingers of top nozzies giving a tumbling action as well as beating arrangement to the fabric.
  • Intermediate beaters can also be provided to give mechanical to the fabric.
  • Working width O : 1600 - 3600 mm
  • Heating Media - Steam / Themic Oil / Gas / Electrical
  • Chamber length 3 mtrs. each.
  • Suitable for both open width and tubular fabrics.
  • Entry combination can be with Padder, vertical stenter frame or direct entry into the dryer.
  • For open width Knits and delicate woven fabrics complete range is provided with driven scroll rollers at entry, Padders; overfeeding device; Vertical inclined pin chain with gumming and steaming; relax dryer with two conveyors and plaiting.
  • Can be equipped with residual moisture controller, exhaust humidity controller and microprocessor for process control and automation.