After tufting or weaving the carpet, there is must to do coating for following reasons:
  • To get better dimension stability.
  • To obtain tuft lock strength.
  • Avoid damaging the carpet during installation and transportation.
  • To impart a better finish and look.
  • To get value addition in terms of possibility of applying various cotinga eg: Gel backing, felt backing, action backing etc.

Types of Coating:
  • Gel backing
  • Two shot gel backing
  • Pre coating
  • Felt/ action backing

Types of Chemicals can be used/ processed on our machines:
  • Natural rubber
  • Styrene butadiene rubber latex
  • Acrylic base compound
  • EVA compound
  • All other water based and synthetic compounds.

Capable of developing customised and multipurpose coating lines for any type of carpets, mats and rugs SPECIAL DESIGN OF STENTER OVEN FOR
back coating carpets/rug with temperature sensitive yarn. Separate heating source for top and bottom side air flow. This enables to regulate
temperature separately in top and bottom side of the oven which enables the carpet to be finished with different temperatures of front (pile side) and
back (coating side). PU-PVC COATING LINE - I